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GSoC weekly report of Chikirou Massiwayne for week 1


For the first week of GSoC I investigated about a MVC architecture for the
Kanban Board application and began to code the model from different source that we could use on the application to GET calendar. Also as needed I had to look how to get a calendar as python object from every sources needed now (CalDav, Redmine API, GitHub, BTS, Bugzilla and iCalendar files).

For now we can handle CalDav Servers, iCalendar files and Redmine API to GET calendar.
I'll add for this week-end GitHub, Bug Tracker Server and GitHub modules.
I'll also start a GitHub to this project [1] this week-end.

I'm planning to have a basic controller and view for those calendar for the end of the next week.

Chikirou Massiwayne

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