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Re: Kanboards

On 10/05/18 17:55, Thomas Levine wrote:
> All of the normal kanboards look annoying to manage for me, and
> I actually think we don't particularly benefit from the web interfaces
> because each student is working independently. So, I suggest that
> people (especially my students) do something like what I do for planning
> my projects.
> I keep project planning records as files in the same repository as the
> software I am writing.

Please feel free to add these options to the tools wiki[1], you could
also add a link to this thread there.

One thing I would like to emphasize about the Kanboards: we can have two
tools for a project:

- a proper bug tracker (e.g. Debian BTS or Github issues or whatever the
project uses) for bugs and feature requests

- a Kanban board for meta-issues: things like "create a wiki for the
GSoC project", "create weekly blog".  This keeps the meta-issues out of
the bug tracker

It is at the discretion of mentors.  Some projects may simply keep the
meta-issues in a to-do list on the GSoC project's wiki page.



1. https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Outreach/Tools

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