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All of the normal kanboards look annoying to manage for me, and
I actually think we don't particularly benefit from the web interfaces
because each student is working independently. So, I suggest that
people (especially my students) do something like what I do for planning
my projects.

I keep project planning records as files in the same repository as the
software I am writing.

I keep a file (called "NEWS" or "CHANGELOG") with things that I plan
on doing or have done. Every time I make a release (or, in the case
of GSoC, every week or so), I move things I did to a corresponding
section. See, for example, the CHANGELOG file in my package horetu.

Each thing-to-do should explain the purpose of the task and
the implementation of the task. It is also very helpful to estimate
how long the task it might take and to note how important it is.

If something truly needs to happen on or by a certain date, redundantly
note it in a calendar program. (I use calendar.) This is for things like
preparation of a DebConf submission.

If the thing-to-do warrants an explanation of more than a few sentences,
write the full explanation in another file, preferably in whatever
documentation system you are using, so you can easily include it in the
project's final documentation. For Python packages I suggest sphinx;
from the top directory of your repository, run this.

  sphinx-quickstart docs

It will ask a lot of questions. In case you don't understand them,
the default values are fine.

I started thinking about adjusting calendar to suit this style of task
management better. I haven't adjusted it yet, but I have written up some
thoughts on task management.

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