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action required: mentors and interns: DebConf registration

Hi all,

Based on the feedback[1] from Nicolas, I'd like to propose the following
specific actions:

- prospective interns: complete the DebConf registration form before 13
April, don't wait to find out if you are accepted in GSoC because that
won't be confirmed until 23 April

- mentors: if in contact with your applicants, please remind them about
DebConf, tell them if you will be there, tell them if you have a sprint
or anything else they can join so they can write that in the bursary

More details:

In the application process, there is a page about bursaries.  Applicants
can tick all the boxes (food, accommodation, travel).  You have to fill
in some boxes:

"My contributions to Debian"
  write "applicant for GSoC 2018"
  and anything else you do for Debian

"My plans for DebCamp or DebConf"
  ask your mentor for what to write here, e.g. if your
  mentor goes to DebConf, write "meet my mentor", you can
  also write "give a talk" or whatever else you would like to do

"My eligibility for a diversity bursary"
  fill this in if you are not a privileged white male

"My travel expense claim (in USD)"
  include cost of flight, visa, airport connections,
  travel insurance
  DON'T include accommodation and food

For any other questions about DebConf issues, please ask on the DebConf
mailing list[2] or #debconf-discuss



1. https://lists.debian.org/debian-outreach/2018/04/msg00004.html
2. https://lists.debian.org/debconf-discuss/

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