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Re: DebConf bursary deadline for GSoC/Outreachy?

Sorry for the delay in replying to this. Comments inline.

* Daniel Pocock <daniel@pocock.pro> [2018-03-27 22:19:41 +0200]:

> Hi all,
> The deadline to apply for a DebConf travel and accommodation bursary is
> 13 April
> That is before the official announcement about who participates in GSoC
> and Outreachy.
> Has anybody looked into the procedure for students to apply?  Will the
> bursary team give them an extended deadline?  Or should all the
> candidates apply before 13 April?

Does the Outreach Team have a program-specific budget to send interns to

[the following is not current information; I don't know the current
information; it's up to current outreach team members to find the accurate
information for this round]
When I was last involved, the breakdown was like this:
 - Each Outreachy intern would be able to get US$500 for conference travel, from 
   Conservancy (so, in the end, from the sponsoring organization).
 - Each GSoC _organization_ would be able to get partial travel funding to send
   _one_ outstanding intern to a conference (iirc the amount was US$500 as well).
   This kind-of-prevents sending current interns to conferences: how can you tell
   an intern is outstanding before their internship has completed?

GSoC organizations would also recieve a discretionary US$500 per accepted
intern, which we usually considered as part of a travel budget for GSoC interns
_and mentors_.

Finally, GSoC organizations get a US$2200 budget to send two mentors to the
mentor summit.
[end outdated information]

If the Outreach Team has a program-specific budget to send interns to DebConf,
please let the DebConf bursaries team know and we can special-case handling
your applicants to avoid double-funding.

If the Outreach Team doesn't have a program-specific budget, or if the
program-specific budget doesn't cover the full amount of the expenses for a
given prospective intern, the rest of the amount could be covered through the
usual DebConf bursaries process.

Considering the acceptance announcement for GSoC is 23 April (and I expect
Outreachy to be around that date as well), it is well within the DebConf
bursaries review/ranking timeline. The Outreach Team should send us the list of
accepted interns for this round and we will be able to factor the information
in our rankings.

> Some candidates who do not get selected for GSoC or Outreachy might
> still be selected for a diversity bursary or based on other
> contributions to Debian so I generally think it is a good idea for
> everybody who applied for GSoC or Outreachy to look at the application
> form before 13 April:
> https://debconf18.debconf.org

Regardless of GSoC/Outreachy status, yes, please have prospective interns
register and ask for a bursary (at least for food and accommodation) within the
DebConf-mandated deadlines (that is, before the 13th of April). It only takes a
few minutes to register and you can edit your registration afterwards. There
might be an extension (as we don't really have a budget yet), but I would
really like to keep it short.

Nicolas Dandrimont

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