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Calendar and Event project status update

Hi everybody,

For those who are applying for the event calendar project, I've put more
detail on a new wiki page[1] and I've also written a blog[2] about the

Please look at the new wiki page, especially the work items section near
the bottom.  Each task listed there is a potential project for one
intern, either in Outreachy or GSoC 2018.

Feel free to add new material to the wiki page.

This project is very popular and there have been many people expressing
interest in it so I would also make the following comments:

- consider applying for one of the other Outreachy projects with another
organization in case you are not selected here

- if we can't select you in this round and you are a student, we can
consider you for GSoC 2018 because there is a lot more funding there,
you can cut and paste the application and re-use most of it in GSoC



1. https://wiki.debian.org/SocialEventAndConferenceCalendars
2. https://danielpocock.com/a-step-change-in-your-calendar

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