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Re: Outreachy project about improving documentation and website content (Re: Sign up to mentor for Outreachy Round 15)

Hi Laura!

CC'ing website and documentation teams for the case anybody can co-mentor with you.

What follows is about the website part, I'm not member of the documentation team
nor am much familiarized with their repos/sources.

I never mentored in Outreachy/GSoC and I think I personally have not enough
spare time to devote to do a full mentoring (or co-mentoring) in this term, but
I can help in the technical part of changing the website (for example, helping
with the wml syntax, or if the intern submits the proposed changes as bugs to
the www.debian.org pseudopackages, I can review them and upload them when they
are ready. Well, if the outreachy intern sends their "deliverables" in form of
patches, anybody in the website team can review/upload ;) I just mean that I
would try to prioritize those so you can evaluate their work as mentor based in
the team output).

Maybe you can find useful to use usertags


to categorize as "content" or "documentation" the website bugs that the intern
can work on:

For now, we have the following bugs tagged as "content":


Maybe there is another (better) way to do this, but as I said, I have no
experience mentoring.

Thanks so much for sharing and the links. I'll be sure to go through them! 


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