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Re: Sign up to mentor for Outreachy Round 15

Hi Molly!

I'm Keerthana. I was a GSOC intern last year and I would love to help mentor Outreachy interns this year, especially in topics related to JS and documentation.

I am not a DD or DM but I also have a project idea. It feels to me like Debian could really use better documentation and Outreachy supports documentation projects. Do you think we can have a project like that? Who can I talk to about making this happen? 

I would love to help in any other way I can in the project too.


On 1 Sep 2017 22:25, "Molly de Blanc" <deblanc@riseup.net> wrote:
Thanks Mattia, Hans-Cristoph, Tong, and Daniel for your interest in
mentoring in the upcoming round of Outreachy.

There's a wiki page with a submission system. It might even work. No


Even if you submitted in past rounds for the same project, please fill
this out again. You can copy and paste your previous text if you feel so

If you know of anyone else who has a great idea or you think would be a
great mentor, please share the link with them or pass their name to

Thanks everyone!


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