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Re: Interested to be in for Outreachy 2017, Round15

Hello Sushma,

Thank you for your interest in this project, we sincerely need helping hands! As Hans said, I will be the co-mentor and also new to Outreachy.

I wrote an article [1] that may be able to help you start with the project. For more questions feel free to ask us on IRC, I will also try to improve that article based on your further questions.

You asked about whether you should switch to Debian only. Based on my experience, you can keep using any Debian derivatives you like since the build toolchains are almost the same, but you do need to clearly understand the differences between these distros. For example, release names like "Stretch", "Buster" instead of "Artful". Using tools like Docker, chroot or pbuilder also helps you a bit to test the packages.

Hope you get accepted!

[1]: https://seamlik.github.io/post/how-to-contribute-to-android-sdk-in-debian

Best regards,
Kai-Chung Yan (seamlik)

kukkadapu sushma 於 2017年09月07日 23:23 寫道:

I am Sushma, final year CSE student from India.
I am an open source contributor to Fossasia organization. But, due to my internship at Amazon previously, I couldn't get a chance for Gsoc 2017. Anyways Amazon has given me PPO, so I didn't feel bad for missing Gsoc, because something productive I have done. :p

I like to contribute to Debian, under Outreachy this year. I am fully available during the entire internship. I am Android Developer, Web Designer.

My skill : C, Java, HTML, BOOTSTRAP, MySQL, Python, Android, Testing (JUnit)

Project interested in : Android SDK Tools in Debian 

Hence, I would like to know : 
 'How to begin with',
 'Should I shift to Debian OS only?',
 'What are tasks that I need tp focus on which can led me to be a participant for round15?'

K Sushma

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