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Re: Resigning as a Debian GSoC and Outreachy coordinator

You have done a great job running Debian GSoC!  While its always hard to
move on when there isn't someone taking the work over, your work has had
a large impact on Debian.  Good luck in future endeavors!


Nicolas Dandrimont:
> [Cc: leader so you can call for help, and in the end update the outreach team
> delegation]
> Dearest all,
> I'm hereby letting everyone know that I won't be coordinating GSoC or
> Outreachy participation for Debian in the next rounds.
> I'm convinced that our participation in both programs is very important for the
> project, but I realise that I've done poorly over the past months, culminating
> in the non-participation of Debian in the latest edition of GSoC due to lack of
> a good projects list.
> I've been dragging my feet along, hoping some successors would let themselves
> get lured in, to no avail. I have no choice but to create the void and let it
> be filled, however that happens.
> Thanks to the mentors, and to the interns, for those few years. It's been fun!
> I will stick around for the end of the current Outreachy round, monitoring the
> outreach@debian.org spamtrap for the few potentially relevant mails, but after
> that I'm done.
> All documentation and resources are on the Debian wiki; I don't think I'm
> holding any particularly relevant info that's not public, but when someone
> takes over you shouldn't be afraid to ask if something is unclear.
> See you around,

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