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Re: Application for LTSPManager

On 2017-03-01, Foteini Tsiami wrote:
> Hi, I'm Foteini Tsiami, an I.T. teacher from Greece.
> I would like to apply for the LTSPManager Debian Outreachy project
> (https://wiki.debian.org/SummerOfCode2017/OutreachyProjects/LTSPManager).
> I've been using sch-scripts, epoptes and LTSP in my classrooms for
> many years, and I think it's an excellent solution, which can benefit
> several more schools if it's internationalized.


> I used glade to translate create_users.ui to English, and I'm
> attaching it, along with a screenshot of the result.

Thanks for your contribution!

The English text looks understandable to me, and Alkis reviewed the
translation to make sure it was an appropriate translation, so that's
looking good to me.

> The only Greek text that remains is "θα δημιουργηθούν οι παρακάτω 72
> λογαριασμοί", which I already translated in the glade file as "The
> following %d accounts will be created", but the python code overrides
> it with hardcoded Greek text to update the number.
> I think that the code there should fetch the English text from
> create_users.ui and then use some form of printf statement to update
> the number.

Thanks for going the extra mile to identify where we need some further
coding changes to support the translation effort.

live well,

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