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Re: Information regarding Outreachy

* Nitish Dwivedi <nkd.2195@gmail.com> [2016-09-14 02:06:05 +0530]:

> Hello,
> i want to make a proposal for Outreachy winter 2016. I am a college student
> from India. Am i eligible for outreachy? Please guide me where can i find
> projects for outreachy.


Here are the eligibility criteria for the next round of Outreachy, for people
outside of the US:
(from https://wiki.gnome.org/Outreachy#Eligibility)

- you identify as a woman (cis or trans), trans man, or genderqueer person
  (including genderfluid or genderfree)

- you are or will be 18 years of age or older by December 6, 2016

- you have not previously participated in an Outreachy, Outreach Program for
  Women, or Google Summer of Code internship

- you are available for a full-time, 40 hours a week internship, and you will
  not be in school full-time and will not have another full-time job for at
least seven weeks between December 6, 2016 and March 6, 2017; being enrolled in
school during a semester when you are taking more than half of the typical
number of credits a full-time student takes or having an exams session is
considered to be a full-time school commitment; Outreachy can be done to
satisfy a project requirement and receive credits for it, in which case all
other credits received during the semester should be no more than half of the
typical number of credits a full-time student takes

- you are eligible to work in the country or countries in which you will reside
  throughout the duration of the program

- you are not a person or entity restricted by US export controls or sanctions

If you want more details, we will need more specific questions !

Thank you,
Nicolas Dandrimont

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