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GSoC week 6: CM for reSIProcate


In the past week I was working in sending/receiving text messages mechanism. I was able to send messages (from one client in Empathy using resiprocate to another client at Jitsi) but I couldn't send a message from Jitsi to Empathy. I found out that resiprocate was not PUBLISHing it's status so the Jitsi client was thinking that resiprocate client was offline and couldn't send any message to it.

This shows that the presence mechanism that I did before wasn't fully implemented yet. For that it is necessary that resiprocate sends SUBSCRIBE and PUBLISH messages to the presence server and receives a NOTIFY about buddy status.

For sending this messages to the server was necessary a better understanding of resip/dum/* resip/recon/* and resip/stack/* APIs. I spent this week going through this libraries to comprehend it better.

For now I was able to make SUBSCRIBE and PUBLISH sip messages but I still didn't get any NOTIFY message from the presence server. In the present moment I'm debugging that with Daniel help, and I'm trying to adjust the SUBSCRIBE message generated by resiprocate using SUBSCRIBE message generated by Jitsi as a pattern.

With the presence mechanism finished I would be able to implement the receiving text messages mechanism and I think it would be faster since I got more understanding of resip/dum and resip/recon APIs.

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