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GSoC 2016 Week 6: SmartInfo

Last week, I worked on linking the D_BUS with the client and implement MAP on my callback smartInfo to push all my information in only one parameter.


This week I wanted to display my first real information in my client. I choose to begin with the frame rate to help another person in Savoir Faire Linux who work on the encoding and decoding of the video. So I worked on the video part of the daemon trying to understand how the daemon sends frames to LRC. All the frames are decoded in the same place so I just pull the number of frames per second for the local and remote video and put it on my callback smartInfo.


Next week, I will change my architecture a little bit. Ring can handle several calls with different information and my implementation don't take care of this. I need to search and implement a new architecture to link my callback with the call.


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