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Re: GOSC Week 5 and 6

On 03/07/16 20:00, Pranav Jain wrote:
> Hi,
> I have completed my first task and have also packaged it for developers
> to use. [0]
> Since last two weeks, I have documented it and removed the external
> dependency on XML file and has shifted it locally.
> Moreover, I have started the discussion of next task with my mentor [1].
> I am doing research on implementing it because K9 has already rejected
> the pull request once in past.

Some quick notes about the next task:

- there are various alternatives discussed in the rejected pull request

- when you tap a contact in an email, it asks you if you want to add the
person to contacts, maybe we could intercept that and display a chooser
(add to contacts, dial with SIP, chat with XMPP, ...)

- I have been meaning to extract the dialer popup code from the Lumicall
repository and put it in the Omnidial repository, it can then be used as
a library in other apps, such as K9, to display a popup with various options

> [0] : https://github.com/pranavjain/AndroidSIPEnroller
> [1] : https://project.freertc.org/issues/91
> -- 
> Regards,
> Pranav Jain

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