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GSoC week 5: CM for reSIProcate


In this week I had several exams at my university so I couldn't devote much time to GSoC. I worked at the project only Saturday and Sunday and I've still worked on the tasks of week 3:
  • sending text messages to contacts
  • receiving text messages from contacts
I was already implemented the sending message functionality but I get an error when I send a message that the server is not receiving it. So I've started implementing the receiving text message functionality. I found two problems that I don't know how to solve yet:

1) I need to know what part of resiprocate first receive a SIP message so I can emit a signal from it and I could get this signal from a TextChannel.cxx class that I've created at resiprocate/apps/telepathy. I already sent an e-mail to the mailing list about that;

2) I'm not getting to send a SIP message (using sipsak) to my account (mateus1@ws.sip5060.net).

I think this problems are related in a certain way. If I can send a SIP message using sipsak to my account (mateus1@ws.sip5060.net) when I connected at resiprocate, I could trace from the debug output where the first place the SIP message is detected in resiprocate.

And I also think this is why I get an error when I try to send a message from resiprocate. I think the ws.sip5060.net server is not receiving the message resiprocate sends to it.

So the moment I could send a message to ws.sip5060.net server, or I could find another SIP server that works in resiprocate (I already tested sip2sip and getonsip and both didn't work), I could advance more in those tasks.

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