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Re: GSoC students and mentors: Mid-term evaluations!

On 16/06/16 20:34, Nicolas Dandrimont wrote:
Hi all,

The midterm evaluations are closing in on us: the evaluation period is June
20th to June 27th. You _NEED_ to submit evaluations on time, or Debian will not
be able to attend the Mentor Summit, and it will reflect badly on us with the
GSoC program administrators.

If you won't be able to submit an evaluation to the GSoC website on time,
please let us know privately at outreach@debian.org how you'd like us to
evaluate your intern.

Before or during the evaluation period, I would like mentors to send us a small
summary of the work done so far, and some pointers towards the work done by the
intern and the public communication that happened during community bonding and
the coding period. This will help make sure that the evaluations are fair to


Hi all,

I just submitted the mud-term evaluation report for Pranav Jain. He has been working on a library for enrolling SIP accounts on VoIP providers. He got it working [0] including a sample Android (console only) app, so that's great!

One thing I'd like to improve for the next parts is better scope anaylis also on my side, since this part was a bit broad and required some back and forth narrowing down the scope.

Overall I'm happy with the result!


[0]: https://github.com/pranavjain/AndroidSIPEnroller

Saúl Ibarra Corretgé

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