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Re: GSoC students and mentors: Mid-term evaluations!

On Thu, Jun 16, 2016 at 09:34:45PM +0200, Nicolas Dandrimont wrote:
> Hi all,
Hi Nicolas,

> The midterm evaluations are closing in on us: the evaluation period is June
> 20th to June 27th. You _NEED_ to submit evaluations on time, or Debian will not
> be able to attend the Mentor Summit, and it will reflect badly on us with the
> GSoC program administrators.

Thanks for your reminder!

> Before or during the evaluation period, I would like mentors to send us a small
> summary of the work done so far, and some pointers towards the work done by the
> intern and the public communication that happened during community bonding and
> the coding period. This will help make sure that the evaluations are fair to
> all.

I did my mid-term review for David Kalnischkies earlier this
week. David is working on the apt ordering code.

He pushed a bunch of code into the apt master git
tree already. He is also working in
https://git.kalnischkies.de/apt/tree/apt-pkg?h=wip/eipp on the
external-install-planer-protocol code. He is documenting his work via
the his blog: https://david.kalnischkies.de/blog/tags/gsoc2016/

I'm quite happy with the work, the project is challenging and he is
making good progress.


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