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Weekly Report GSoC'16 - Week 2 - Telepathy based Chat engine - Balram P

Sorry for the delayed report. Was stuck with some errors. 
Well, I began my second week by trying to configure telepathy to run on empathy and signin using the given credentials in Debian OS. I had a wrong password given, i think, for it worked when Daniel reset my account password. I was stuck for some days and meanwhile I went through the resiprocate files as a whole, tracing the flow of functions and understanding the use of each one. 

Since I couldnt do much of on this during the error period I started working a GNOME shell based widget (extending the features of empathy) dedicated to work with telepathy SIP. I add it my github and share the details soon.

Currently, I am going through  basicMessage.cxx[1], RemoteParticipant.cxx[2] and studying its working. 

Further details will be added to the next report. 



Balram P Menon
Tech Head | Excel 2016

Computer Science and Engineering (Batch: 2013-17)
Govt. Model Engineering College, Kochi-21

☎: 8129130866
✉: balbbrl@gmail.com

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