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[GSoC 2016] Week 1 and 2 report: Alok Anand

Project: Connection Manager for Resiprocate and Ring

Week 1 : 
- Successfully installed and configured resiprocate.
- Successfully installed Ring.
- Created a fork of resiprocate and started working on branch "telepathy-voice-video"
- Committed Mayank's work.
- Made simple fix to allow compilation.
- Studied about Qt Slots and Signals mechanism.
- Reading documentation of resiprocate and other telepathy components 
- Communicated with ring interns on CM for Ring regarding its name and protocol name.

Week 2: 
- Understanding documentation of patch provided by Mayank Sharma.
- Started working on implementation of call hangup feature for resiprocate CM.
- Figuring out how to test call hangup feature.
- Setting up Lumicall and understanding sip5060.net settings.
- Understanding the logs that get generated by telepathy-resiprocate CM.
- Familiarizing with empathy-debugger and D-feet.
- Attempting to start empathy-call ui during making/receiving calls.*Still Working*.
- Writing skeleton code (Cmakelists, service file, manager file) for CM for Ring. 


Plan for Week 3:
- Complete call hangup feature and test it.
- Enable Empathy-call UI for resiprocate CM 
- Make progress on CM for ring. 

Alok Anand

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