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GSoC 2016 Week 1 : Reproducible builds for Debian and free software

Hello, all! 

This is a concise report on my previous week. 
I started working from 28 May as the exams ended. This report is bit late. I started work on --hide-profiles flag. 

I did/doing following tasks:
1. Read documentation related to argparse python module.
2. Debug the code to find the ways to implement the solution. 
3. Discussed the problem with the community. And 
4. Based on progress I have pushed some code http://deb.li/ZNDE (work in progress)
5. Lunar suggested me to create the specification for --hide=<details>. 
  It can be found here https://wiki.debian.org/ReproducibleBuilds/HideProfilesSpecification
We are still discussing, how things should be done!
Right now, I am researching diff of unreproducible packages and trying to develop use cases. 
Lunar has given me a proper directions and community is very much helpful.

My goal for  an upcoming week is to search for packages which are unreproducible and generate use cases for diffoscope.
This week I will also try to fix the reproducibility of Debian packages. 

I am loving, contributing to Debian and free software and it's a great learning experience. Many things to come in upcoming time :)

Satyam Zode

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