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GSoC 2016 Week 1: Android SDK Tools in Debian


This report is a bit late as I had exams throughout the previous week and the beginning of this week.
So I've been busy with those which made it hard for me to be able to work on the project as I would have wanted to.
Now that I am finally free I started working on the project and had a meeting with the team today.

As a newcomer to the Debian's maintainers world, I am trying to get used to how the things are working here. which is not as simple as I expected. But I am trying to catch up and keep up with the relevant mailing lists, and the IRC discussions and learn.

Meanwhile, some good progress has been made, and same other pieces of the project are added. So our first milestone now is to be able to build an APK using only Debian packages and the Google platform binary, so I am focusing on that right now.

Look forward to doing a good progress in the project !


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