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Re: [GSoC and Outreachy Mentors] Let us know how many slots your project(s) need

Nicolas Dandrimont:
> * Nicolas Dandrimont <olasd@debian.org> [2016-03-29 10:27:56 +0200]:
>> Hi all,
>> We would like to have, as soon as possible, a rough idea how many candidates
>> (maximum) you think you can accept for your projects, so that we can make our
>> slots request to Google and know if we need to go looking for more Outreachy
>> funds.
>> Please let us know in private at outreach@debian.org (M-F-T set accordingly).
>> This is especially time-sensitive for mentors who received interest from
>> Outreachy applicants, as we need to be looking for funds at the earliest
>> opportunity if we would like to welcome more interns this session.
>> You also need to register to the respective program sites ASAP to be able to
>> review all proposals.
> Hey,
> We're still waiting on a few of your replies. We don't need your final
> candidate selection yet, just how many people you would be able to mentor, to
> send our slots request to Google.
> If we get no answer before the end of the week we won't request slots for your
> project.
> Thanks,

I would like to request 3 slots for the Android Tools team, mentored by
Markus Koshany and me.


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