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Bug#668193: libreoffice-common: Postinst fails saying it cannot determine language

On Mon, Apr 09, 2012 at 05:50:15PM +0200, Rene Engelhard wrote:
> Full log? Interesting is the ordering. Without it - as you should know -
> this isn't really helpful.

I can't provide the full upgrade log as I didn't save it. I do have the
aptitude and dpkg logs if those are useful (attached)

Please note that I did two upgrades, the first one started at 17:17 broke
because of libreoffice's postinstall script and the second one, at 17:29, did
go ahead fine (and upgraded the system). 

> > When retrying the upgrade the error does not reproduce itself so I'm not sure what generated it.
> the UNO environment not consistent..
> (That said, I wonder why you attempt an upgrade 11 days after the first 3.5 was uploaded, but
> anyway...)

I just did an upgrade of the system as I'm having some issues after the
GNOME 3 upgrade (last week) and wanted to see if an upgrade fixes them (it
doesn't) and use xfce in the meantime. I also encountered some strange issue
with libreoffice and GNOME (a libreoffice process would be spawned whenever I
opened up some applications) and wanted to see if this was fixed (it seems to
be now).

I didn't really check when was the upgrade of the last libreoffice version,
but I don't mind help testing it out and weeding some bugs, after all, that
is what sid is for :)



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