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Bug#663105: libreoffice-calc: list validation menus sometimes too small


On Thu, Mar 08, 2012 at 05:08:24PM +0100, Francesco Potortì wrote:
> I use Debian testing.  It would be currently unfeasible to me trying a
> more recent version until it goes to testing.  So for me the choice is
> among reporting against what I use or not reporting at all...

Mmh, ok, then it'kll take some time. i'll try to get 3.4.6 into sid and testing
first before I upload 3.5.1 or 3.5.2 to sid

> >*Any* wishlist bug against 3.4.5 does not make any sense)
> Hm.  I was betting against the problem having already been corrected.
> In fact, if I am not wrong, your statement implies that "normal" users
> cannot ask for new features.  By using Debian testing I would place myself

Nah. People using stable hava a reson for doing this. But you use testing (a development
version) anyway.

> among "advanced" users, yet I do not use the latest version of Libreoffice.
> >And still it would be better to file such stuff upstreasm, as them and only
> >them will eventually implement it. I won't.
> I use the Debian reporting system mainly because it is far quicker for
> me and I hope that the Debian maintainer pushes significant reports
> upstream.

That's what I am doing, but it takes time..

> Anyway, what you say holds for any package: do you mean that wishlist
> bugs reported in Debian are only meaningful if they are related to
> Debian packaging issues?

I guess this depends on whether the maintainer has time to deal with stuff
like this itself - in this case here I mainly just forward them and close
them whenever upstream did it (which might never happen), so it brings little
value here. I simply have no time for serious upstream work.

And it of course depends on the package size and whether it's trivial to fix
something or not...



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