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Re: Cannot run openoffice

On 16/01/11 21:28, Rene Engelhard wrote:
Debian Sid as of today on amd64. Problem has existed for at least a
week. I use the Sun java environment. A found bug #540428 but my

in which time there wasn't a OOo update in sid either way. (Even if there
was, it should affect startup anyways; the last update was on Dec, 27.)


In your system and/or user profile I'd bet, yes.

(I would need to install OOo again to look at it, OOo is dead and just lives
still in sid because we're in freeze for squeeze. Will create a chroot..)

I found it! Or at least I have managed to solve the problem. Files and directories under /var/spool/openoffice/uno_packages/cache were only readable and writable by root. I don't know why, I've never gone there before as far as I know.

I guess that's why only root could run openoffice.org, and noone else, not even a new user (as I just discovered). I deleted everything under that directory, and it works again for all users.


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