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Bug#595229: openoffice.org crashed then froze with _XAllocID: Assertion `ret != inval_id' failed.

On 2010-09-06 12:17:53 +0200, Michael Meeks wrote:
> 	Unfortunately, you didn't install the debuginfo symbols [ or you are
> using some architecture valgrind can't unwind ]. 
> 	Any chance you can install the freetype and OO.o debuginfo and get
> another valgrind trace ? [ Rene what packages / commands would Vincent
> need for that ] ?

I already have openoffice.org-dbg installed. Is it sufficient for OO.o?
Concerning freetype, libfreetype6-dbg doesn't exist, and I cannot see
another -dbg package for that:

ypig:~> apt-file search libfreetype.so
ia32-libs: /usr/lib32/libfreetype.so
ia32-libs: /usr/lib32/libfreetype.so.6
ia32-libs: /usr/lib32/libfreetype.so.6.3.20
libfreetype6: /usr/lib/libfreetype.so.6
libfreetype6: /usr/lib/libfreetype.so.6.3.22
libfreetype6-dev: /usr/lib/libfreetype.so
lsb-build-desktop3: /usr/lib/lsb3/libfreetype.so

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