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Bug#513743: clone/reassign to gcc

reassign 514830 gcc-4.3
found 514830 4.3.2-4
tag 514830 + sid
severity 514830 important


Matthias Klose wrote:
> reassign 514830 openoffice.org
> thanks

No. The bug is worked around for Debian in lenny. Please don't give the OOo
packages a RC bug right now.

Set it to important or whatever you wish, but the OOo packages don't have
a "grave" bug anymore *inside lenny*, but just in sid. Tagging appropriately.

> no, this is likely a bug in OOo. before re-assigning this again:
>  - please find out if it is fixed in 3.0.x (apparently it is)


>  - please find out if it is fixed in 2.4.2 (apparently you are not
>    interested in it).

That you claim. Why should I deal with 2.4.2 and do the days work to
update all the patches for 2.4.2 when 2.4.2 never will be in Debian?
It would simply be a waste of time better used for 3.0.x or even 3.1.x
packaging (which has many surprises upstream)

>  - please find out which object file in the libcomphelp4gcc3.so
>    does cause the issue (apparently you are not interested in it).

That also you claim. I simply have no time/hd/build env to do that besides

> For me it looks like a latent bug which is uncovered with GCC-4.3.3, and which
> is fixed in OOo-3.0.x. FYI with the recent upgrade we found bad code in debtags


> in libgsf, none in code generation. Just because OOo is big, and you don't care

And you can gurantee that noone else is affected, too, and just noone
did notice yet?

> about finding the root of the problem is no reason to reassign the report. So

And you don't care about about a gcc update you did *in the freeze* breaking

> please name the object file which causes this problem. If you don't have the
> time to do so it may help to document how this library is built and how you mix

Huh? You know. You maintained OOo in Ubuntu.

> the object files from two different builds, so that others are able to
> investigate the problem.

Yes. It Would be nice if you could do that :-)


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