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Bug#501996: [go-oo.org Dev] [VBA Support] Poor compatibility

Hi Renato
On Mon, 2008-10-13 at 10:38 -0300, Renato S. Yamane wrote:
> > Your document contains nearly 1000 lines of macro code, so it
> > would be great if you could identify the smallest segments that don't
> > work and relay that information to us ( or me if you like ) as small
> > stand alone macros to demonstrate the problems.
> And other problem: This macro is not made by me, but I need use it :-(
> Some instructions are in "Instructions" sheet and maybe can be useful.
sure, Instructions are nice but don't really help narrow down specific points of failure :-( 
> > Are you interested in helping?
> *Of course* I would like to help :-)
hope you can
> > btw I followed the steps in the bug you fwded to the list, it appears
> > that part of the problem here is that Calc itself doesn't support named
> > ranges at the sheet level, named ranges have a global scope in
> > openoffice, this leads to some inconsistency in the imported data ( and
> > hence errors in the vba attempting to use those ranges ) I did change
> > the named range "Tooling_Operation_Description" on sheet e-1810_A to
> > Tooling_Operation_Description_New ( and changed the macro code to use
> > that too ) and the steps you describe now seem to work ( but perhaps
> > other things don't )
> I go to Tools --> Macro --> Manager Macros --> OOo Basic and click in Edit.
> I changed all Tooling_Operation_Description to
> Tooling_Operation_Description_New (only 2 is found and replaced).
first I am using 3.0 so maybe that is a difference, additionally since
you obfuscated the document contents I assumed you had access MSO Excel,
what I did was change the named range ( and macro ) in the excel
document you attached and resave that, then opened it in openoffice. 

But... you could manually make the same change in the imported
openoffice document, it seems you did this for the macros but didn't
actually change the named range in the document itself 

( e.g. Insert | Names | Define ), look for
"Tooling_Operation_Description_4" and change it to
and try again, not sure what 2.4 will give you but as I said, seemed to work with 3.0



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