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Re: please test openoffice.org with icu 4.0 from experimental

Rene Engelhard <rene@debian.org> wrote:

>> At this point, I am not expecting an ICU transition before the release
>> of lenny, but if I get word that openoffice.org works with ICU 4.0, I
>> may contact the release team to get their opinion.
> No, please. OOo 2.4.1 would simply reject it in configure. Could be
> patched, but I don't feel to change ICU version that late in the
> release cycle anyway..

Sounds good -- I'll stick to my original plan of doing the ICU 4.0
transition post lenny.  Thanks for your quick response and willingness
to test.

There is still the one open bug against ICU with patches for
openoffice (409722).  Any hints as to the status of this bug would be
helpful.  This was a series of patches to fix crashes with Indic
rendering when accessing certain fonts.  Some of the patches seem to
have been applied upstream, others may no longer be relevant, etc.
Anyway, when you're testing openoffice with ICU 4.0, maybe you can
just do a quick check to see if those problems are still there and
post an update to 409722.


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