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Bug#466300: openoffice.org-writer2latex: Cannot be installed

tag 466300 + moreinfo


Daniel Franganillo wrote:
> Last openoofice uprade came with this new dependency, which does not
> install:
> Setting up openoffice.org-writer2latex (0.5-4) ...
> Adding extension
> /usr/lib/openoffice/share/extension/install/writer2latex.uno.pkg...
> ERROR: JNI exception occurred
> unopkg failed.

sigh. You are only the second person seeing this, /me never did see this in his tests. I need more info.

What JVM did you configure in your OOo? What does /usr/bin/java point to? Which JDKs do you have installed?

Do the other java extensions work? (-report-builder, namely)?



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