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Bug#396094: Openoffice writer 2.0.4 crashes when saving under .doc format

> Jean Baptiste Balleyguier wrote:
> > > Why don't you just include reportbugs info. I.e. just use reportbug?
> >
> > I'm not sure I understand what you say (or write)...
> reportbug <package> is the way to report proper bugs. It embeds some
> info about whiversions, which arch etc..

Ok, now I'll use this...

> > > Every odt or just one?
> >
> > Having made some tests...it seems it was only one document...so I'm
> > sorry... finally it's not an openoffice bug.
> What makes you think that? I.e. what did you find out?
I think I found the little bee : 
the file is taken from the web (copy-pasted from a Zope/Plone-based site). It 
contained some images and tables : I deleted all, but it continued to crash. 
It also contained some links : I deleted them, and the doc saved well... 
maybe a problem with links ?


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