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Bug#391936: libagg-dev: new function render_scanlines_compound_layered is not in latest Debian version


Am Montag, 9. Oktober 2006 16:27 schrieb Martin Guy:
> Since 19 June 2006, agg-2.4 contains a new optimised function
> render_scanlines_compound_layered which is used in the new Gnash AGG
> backend, but this addition has not propagated to the Debian package in
> unstable and testing. Updating to this version should enable the Gnash

I took agg 2.4 (although some days before, maybe before
the 19th, don't remember exactly), and it was uploaded on July, 25th.

You don't want to tell me that the agg author added stuff to agg without
changing the version??!)


> project to tell Debian users simply to install libagg-dev, rather than
> having to tell them to install agg-2.4 from source before being able
> to tackle gnash-cvs itself.

Right. (And to make gnash Debian packages to build-depend on libagg-dev when
they enable that flag)


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