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Bug#391936: libagg-dev: new function render_scanlines_compound_layered is not in latest Debian version

Package: libagg-dev
Version: 2.4-1

From: Gnash project developer

Since 19 June 2006, agg-2.4 contains a new optimised function
render_scanlines_compound_layered which is used in the new Gnash AGG
backend, but this addition has not propagated to the Debian package in
unstable and testing. Updating to this version should enable the Gnash
project to tell Debian users simply to install libagg-dev, rather than
having to tell them to install agg-2.4 from source before being able
to tackle gnash-cvs itself.

The specific error during build of gnash with ./configure
--enable-renderer=agg is:
render_handler_agg.cpp:897: error: 'render_scanlines_compound_layered'
is not a member of 'agg'

See also http://www.antigrain.com/news/index.html
first section, 5th bullet point



Env: Debian testing (etch) for x86.

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