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Bug#391392: openoffice.org-common: soffice script does not handle multiple or space-containing Moz profiles

tag 391392 - moreinfo


Ben Wheeler wrote:
> a space in its filename. Like this:
> .mozilla/firefox/<random>.Foxyproxy test/
> .mozilla/firefox/<random>.No Extensions/


> If you look at the patch I sent, you should see why using this value
> in the dirname call without quoting it is going to cause problems.

Yeah, saw that, but didn't see where the ddir w ith space should have
come from, now I see..

> > Hmm. Under which circumstances does this happen for you?
> > I don't see a problem here. Because: If a matching dir is
> > found, the next loop iteration does nothing.
> This is *after* $dir has been set. The `find` call returns multiple
> values if you have multiple profile subdirs within $dir, each with their
> own cert8.db. Hence why it's necessary to use `head` to ensure
> that you only have one (somewhat arbitrarily chosen, but then this
> whole code seems arbitrary to me).

No, it's not. It looks though all the browsers and their "normal"
profile. The first one is taken. ~/.mozilla would be the only case
where this would happen; the rest is defined (unless
~/.,ozilla/firefox)<random> contain two cert8.dbs)

Mozilla in sid apparently used ~/.mozilla/default so that will be found
and there's no problem here :)

> > Does ~/.firefox for example has two cert8.dbs? Probably not.
> > 
> > The only way I can see for multiple cert8.dbs (assuming every profile has
> > only one) is when it searches ~/.mozilla. But it shouldn't reach there
> > if you use Firefox 
> Well, I do and it does. My profiles are in 
> .mozilla/firefox/<random>.<profilename>

Yeah, see above. Then you of course have a problem, but that's not the
common way of having one normal profile...

I guess for these unusual cases, we really need a head -n 1...


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