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Bug#391392: openoffice.org-common: soffice script does not handle multiple or space-containing Moz profiles

tag 391392 + moreinfo


Am Freitag, 6. Oktober 2006 14:09 schrieb Jamm!n Wheeler:
> The /usr/lib/openoffice/program/soffice script produces errors from
> dirname(1) when the user's Mozilla or Firefox profile directory name
> contains spaces. Also, when the user has more than one profile, 

Huh? How do you get one with spaces? I don't see any path in the list of checked
dirs which has spaces? and the subdirs of it don't have either, do they?

> MOZILLA_CERTIFICATE_FOLDER was being set to a nonsensical value.

Hmm. Under which circumstances does this happen for you?
I don't see a problem here. Because: If a matching dir is
found, the next loop iteration does nothing.
(See also below)

> The attached patch rectifies both these problems.

head -1 is broken. It is head -n 1. What is this for btw?
Does ~/.firefox for example has two cert8.dbs? Probably not.

The only way I can see for multiple cert8.dbs (assuming every profile has
only one) is when it searches ~/.mozilla. But it shouldn't reach there
if you use Firefox or an up-to-date Mozilla (which afaik - don't use it - uses
~/.mozilla/default. At least I never saw a cert8.db in ~/.mozilla/<random>...)
[ Yes, ~/.mozilla-thunderbird is missing and will be added in the next upload, will then be
for d in $HOME/.mozilla/firefox $HOME/.firefox $HOME/.mozilla-thunderbird $HOME/.mozilla/default $HOME/.mozilla; do ]

What are you using? Firefox? Thunderbird? Mozilla Suite? Which version(s)?

I currently don't see a problem but it also might be I either am assuming something which is not
true in all cases or I oversee something.

> (Btw, I have no idea why it's even attempting to locate and use
> the cert8.db file from within Mozilla, it seems like a giant hack
> for no purpose that I can determine, but I got bored of seeing 
> the errors :)

Digital signatures. Which needs the certificates from Mozilla and therefore needs
to know where the Mozilla profile is.


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