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Bug#377261: openoffice.org-common: Me too (while upgrading to 2.0.3-3)

notfound 377261 2.0.3-3

Bernardo Dal Seno wrote:
> I've just upgraded my sid installation (apt-get upgrade) and got the same
> error:
> Preparing to replace openoffice.org-common 2.0.3-2 (using .../openoffice.org-common_2.0.3-3_all.deb) ...
> update-xmlcatalog: error: entity not registered
> update-xmlcatalog: error: package catalog /etc/xml/openoffice.org-common.xml not found
> Unpacking replacement openoffice.org-common ...

Of course. Because that is -2's preinst. Which is what is first invoked
on a upgrade (see policy 6.6)
The bug was fixed in -3. When you upgrade to -3 to -4 you won't see

> >ll /etc/xml/openoffice.org-common.xml
> -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 365 Jul 29 20:59 /etc/xml/openoffice.org-common.xml
> Running "dpkg-reconfigure openoffice.org-common" afterwards completes with no
> problems.

Of course.



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