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Bug#380420: openoffice.org: Segmentation fault on startup.

retitle 380420 openoffice.org: Segmentation fault on startup when sofficerc not present
tag 380420 + pending


Tobbe Eriksson wrote:
> After installing OO.org i get this the first time I run any of the 
> applications:
> toby@tobylnx:~$ /usr/bin/oowriter
> fopen() failed.: No such file or directory
> Segmentation fault
> On the other hand /usr/bin/soffice runs fine.

> open("/etc/openoffice/sofficerc", O_RDONLY) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or 
> directory)

You lost /etc/openoffice/sofficrc..., I wonder why you lost it. A "normal" etch -> sid upgrade shouldn't loose it...
Reinstall -common with --force-confmiss.

This bug will be fixed in 2.0.3-4 (it won't segfault anymore when
/etc/openoffice/sofficerc isn't there)...



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