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Bug#377531: openoffice.org-dev: unowinreg.dll should be included

Kovacs Baldvin wrote:
> I seriously consider instead to drop the whole openoffice.org-dev from
> debian. Not openoffice, just the -dev. Really. If you choose instead
> dropping that line, then people won't know why on earth does it work
> differently

Then how about not dropping the line, but instead, if the file is
missing, print a big fat warning, something like "you can't deploy
your stuff on Windows as is, unowinreg.dll is missing, see <link to
docs>, get it from
(Windows C++ source) or
http://api.openoffice.org/source/browse/api/odk/bin/win/ (precompiled

> (meaning: why their programs don't run on windows???) as
> they learn in the docs, in the forums, etc. They get confused, and move
> away from openoffice.

On 7/11/06, Rene Engelhard <rene@debian.org> wrote:
And note that there are extensions which are perfectly able to use
openoffice.org-dev without unowinreg.dll (on Linux, though, no idea
about Windows and whether C++ stuff also needs it, I don't think so, so
use C++ or get unowinreg.dll)

The file is there to provide Java access to the Windows registry, so
that your code can find the place where OOo was installed (the last
time). No registry on Unix -> file not needed. And for a Windows C++
extension, you'll need a Windows OOo SDK anyway.



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