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Bug#377531: openoffice.org-dev: unowinreg.dll should be included

There was a simple wording mistake (possibly a lot of them, but one
that I see now :) ) in my previous letter. I repost it to be clear
as possible.


> > That might be a valid point.
> > I'll look whether it can be worked around...
> I'll remove the offending line for 2.0.3-3.

If I were you, I would seriously consider instead to drop the whole
openoffice.org-dev from debian. Not openoffice, just the -dev. Really.
If you choose instead dropping that line, then people won't know why on
earth does it work differently (meaning: why their programs don't run on
windows???) as they learn in the docs, in the forums, etc. They get
confused, and move away from openoffice.

However, if debian didn't support -dev at all, then they simply
download it from openoffice.org, it works for them, and they gonna
be happy.

If your principles hurt people, I think it is better to not give them
something wrong, but its better to wait until somebody provides you a
way to compile that dll, and release a -dev package only then. 

Best regards,
Baldvin Kovacs

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