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Bug#363540: openoffice.org-impress: exporting makes invalid HTML

Dan Jacobson wrote:
> OK, I used wdg-html-validator: /usr/bin/validate
> on the following, which I exported on a click-thru in ooimpress on the
> default presentation it makes. validate gives lots of complaints.
> One could also use tidy: /usr/bin/tidy ...
> (I cannot download new ooimpress until I go to town.)

[ HTML code ]

This obviously doesn't help anything for reproducing what *OOo Impress*
creates for HTML. I believe you that the HTML you got is invalid....
I asked for *your document*, from which you created that HTML file to
test it with 2.0.2 and/or the upcoming 2.0.3.


 - who thought this waas obvious since I wanted to test how it exports
   here. oh well...

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