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Bug#363540: openoffice.org-impress: exporting makes invalid HTML

OK, I used wdg-html-validator: /usr/bin/validate
on the following, which I exported on a click-thru in ooimpress on the
default presentation it makes. validate gives lots of complaints.
One could also use tidy: /usr/bin/tidy ...
(I cannot download new ooimpress until I go to town.)
<meta HTTP-EQUIV=CONTENT-TYPE CONTENT="text/html; charset=utf-8">
<body text=#333333 bgcolor=#FFFFFF link=#0000CC vlink=#000080 alink=#0000CC>
<h2><a href="img0.html">Click here to start</a></h2>
<center><table width=90%><TR>
<td valign=top align=left width=50%>
<h3><u>Table of contents</u></h3><p align=left><a href="img0.html">Title</a></p>
<p align=left><a href="img1.html">Long-term Goal</a></p>
<p align=left><a href="img2.html">Customer Wishes</a></p>
<p align=left><a href="img3.html">Fulfilling Customer Needs</a></p>
<p align=left><a href="img4.html">Cost Analysis</a></p>
<p align=left><a href="img5.html">Strengths and Advantages</a></p>
<p align=left><a href="img6.html">Next Steps of Action</a></p>
<td valign=top width=50%>

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