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I original sent this to debian-user, but have had no response, maybe
this is a better list to ask?

I've having a problem printing from openoffice in unstable. Whenever I
try to print a document my printer refuses to print claiming that it
is flushing corrupted data.  However, according to cups the file has
printed sucessfully.

Currently the only way I can print from openoffice is to export the
file as a pdf and then print that - which is far from ideal. If I
print a test page from "oopadmin" then that prints fine - just
not my documents.

There are, however, openoffice documents that I have that print
without issue, just newly created documents seem to exhibit this

My Sarge machine at work prints the same document with no problem,
therefore this is clearly a local config problem - its just tracking
it down.

Any ideas what is causing this problem?



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