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Re: Dutch myspell package


Am Dienstag, 14. Dezember 2004 12:38 schrieb Wouter Hanegraaff:
> > There is a template in CVS. As I wrote in the announcement a long time
> > ago which I sent to you too. see Debian CVS.
> Ok, that helps a lot. However, the template doesn't generate a
> hyphenation package. Is that on purpose or would it be a good idea to add

It is on purpose. Since the package is for a dictionary ;-)
It should be easy to add a -hyphenation püackage though but there are hughe 
chances it will be rejected. See 
http://lists.debian.org/debian-openoffice/2003/10/msg00388.html. The solution 
here is to include all hyph stuff into one package. But see below...

> this to the template package? It

Erm? The hyphenation stuff is a completely other format...

> > There even is a wishlist bug for cre>
> Wouter
ating myspell-nl there. See
> > http://bugs.debian.org/237974. It would be better to do it this way.
> Yes, but that bug is over 260 days old and nothing continues to happen.

Yes, but you can send a patch... I once talked with Ivo and he simply doesn't 
have much time...

> Also, it seems that (almost?) none of the ispell dictionaries build a
> hyphenation package, even those that do build a myspell- package.

It isn't possible. The hyphenation stuff has a completely another format like 
the spellcheck stuff. They are based on the TeX hyphenation patterns
(and many on ftp.stardiv.de simply violate copyrights/copyright law...)


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