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Re: linking java jars


Bruce Graham wrote:
> Sirs,

why so formal? :)

> 	I downloaded the OpenOffice1.1 SDK from openoffice.org. I have been  
> trying to carry out the initial steps of linking libraries to my ForteIDE.  
> Unfortunately I am new to Java.However, they talk of connecting jar files  
> in /usr/lib/openoffice/program/. However, these jar files are not there.  

Debian's OOo package is *not* build with Java support since we would
need a non-free JDK for building which is not allowed for packages in
Debian main...

> I suspect that the reason these jar (java archives) are not there,is a  
> Debian issue, since my openoffice was installed with apt-get under the  
> testing distribution.

and Fedora and many more too

> Would anyone know what I should do to find and link the necessary jar  
> files, to do development in openoffice.

There is a *test* openoffice.org-java deb available at
which is supposed to be uploaded to Debian contrib someday to add the
Java features to OOo.

As announced in
http://lists.debian.org/debian-openoffice/2004/07/msg00187.html we need
feedback. Test it and tell us :-)


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