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Bug#257410: GNOME menu icons

> Dan Korostelev wrote:
> > > A license specific to Debian is not allowed.
> > I'll ask him about OOO icons license. I guess it's LGPL, but I dunno
> > exactly.

1) Most of the icons you want are already in ooo-build/desktop, i.e. almost
trivially available to the packageing scripts. They just have to be renamed.

2) Most of Jimmac's icons were painted for Ximian/Novell, so licenses won't
be a problem I guess, but anyway, asking him is the best way.

> > despite icons license, can you at least make ooo .desktop icons
> themeable by
> > applying 'sed' magic, you mentioned (removing absolute paths)??
> yes. done in CVS. Will be in 1.1.2-2.

A comment from a backseat coder (i.e. from me; when will cvs move to
alioth?): it looks a bit strange that debian/rules first insert the path,
then strip it again ;-)

The /usr/share/pixmaps directory is deprecated for icons IIRC (cf.
icon-theme spec on freedesktop.org maybe). Default icons should go to
/usr/share/icons/hicolor/<something I forgot>/icon-name.png, themed icons to

I don't know if the original icons should go to hicolor and Jimmac's to
/usr/share/icons/gnome or /usr/share/icons/industrial or if Jimmac's should
go to hicolor...

Just some random comments.


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