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Re: Add hyph_fi_FI into Debian OOo build system?

> The crucial question is whether this is part of the source and build
> system of upstream openoffice.org, which it does not appear to be.  Rene
> & I don't have enough time to be able to keep up with packaging
> everything in the contrib directory on the FTP servers.  We would prefer
> it if someone who actually understands the language packages the
> lingucomponent extras separately, since we don't have time to follow
> what is essentially a completely separate upstream.

I see. How about if I take one of the current 'openoffice.org-dictionaries' 
packages, mutilate it into a '-fi' one and upload it by myself? It's just 
one .dic file, though, nothing more.

My main concern is that the package may go out of sync with 
'openoffice.org-dictionaries' but perhaps it is a sensible temporary solution 
if we also attempt to get hyph_fi_FI accepted into the upstream source tree?

Chris, do you know what it takes to get a contributed dictionary accepted? I 
suppose simply filing a wishlist bug won't do because of SUN's strict 
copyright policy, even though the dictionary places no restrictions to usage 
or distribution. Try and get all the original authors to sign a copyright 
assignment form? (Could prove to be very hard if not impossible as the 
dictionary is originally from the 80's.)

- Jarno

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