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Bug#232275: oocalc: Copy & Paste doesn't work for multiple cells

tags 232275 pending
merge 232275 229012

Am Fr, den 13.02.2004 schrieb Sebastian Kapfer um 15:58:
> Am Mi, den 11.02.2004 schrieb Calum Mackay um 20:06:
> > Sebastian Kapfer wrote:
> > > Since the last update of OOo, I can't copy more than one cell at a time.
> > > It says "This operation is not supported for multiple cells."
> > 
> > possibly a dup of:
> > 
> > 229012 changing a cell makes it a selection, enter can't move, cursor 
> > makes selection
> > 
> > which is fixed pending upload?
> No. It could have the same ultimate cause, but it's definitely a
> different bug. (I can reproduce 229012 as well.)
> Just try it: Select two cells and press Ctrl-C. It seems to depend on
> the exact spreadsheet. I'll try to construct a test case and attach it.

After toying around for quite some time, I found the reason (which is
indeed connected to #229012). The selection created by #229012 is more
"persistent" than a normal selection. I.e. when such a selection exists,
and I select more cells, the two selections are combined (as if I had
pressed the Ctrl key while selecting). Of course, it is easy to
unintentionally create non-rectangular selections in this way, which OOo
refuses to copy to the clipboard. :-|

In short: This is a duplicate. Please upload a fixed OOo soon, in this
state the program is annoying to use, and certainly shouldn't get
anywhere near Sarge.

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