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Bug#229012: openoffice.org: oocalc (spreadsheed): changing a cell makes it a selection, enter can't move, cursor makes selection

tags 229012 + confirmed
tags 229012 + pending

On Thu, 2004-01-22 at 10:53, Peter Gervai wrote:
> (I didn't dare to submit that as an OOo issue because I can't tell whether
> it's debian specific or not. If you insist I can retrieve original OOo code
> and check but I would not like to mess wth the system with unpackaged crap
> if not necessary.)
> Start oocalc (even with a fresh .openoffice config), type "123" and <ENTER>. 
> The cell should contain "123" and cursor on either next right or below cell.
> Instead of that the cell contains "123", ok, but it is selected (inverse
> background), and enter cannot move cursor since it's inside of a one-cell
> selection.
> Pressing cursor once expands the selection to the cursor direction. Pressing
> it again makes the selection disappear. Sometimes the beginning cell (where
> you started typing content) stays inverse, pgdn+pgup restores it.

Thanks for your detailed explanation.  I was able to reproduce the bug,
and found that I could restore the origianal behaviour by reverting the
Ximian patch sc-show-sensitize.


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