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Re: Woody backport of 1.1.0-3 released

On Sat, 2004-01-17 at 22:34, Jérôme Warnier wrote:
> I'm interested in both Skolelinux and OOo on Debian (have been working
> on it for a while, mostly on backports for Woody).
> I have some packages Chris gave me a while ago (yes it is an apt
> repository): http://apt.bxlug.be/ooo-official/
> I will however probably backport again (and test again, at the same
> time) the newest packages. When need they be available for you to
> include them in Skolelinux 1.0? I could maybe even hack this this
> week-end.
> I would prefer to have Chris or Rene's support (no help, just your "go")
> for this. Is it possible?

See my comments about OpenSymbol and bitmap font support - I don't think
people should be making packages with those broken.  These need fixing
first.  I already made and tested changes; I just need to dig them up,
check them in and put them into the -5 backport.


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